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Recommended restaurants

Recommended restaurants

Eating out in the Monclar area? Suggestions for fine restaurants in the Monclar area:

La table des sens

In Lougratte overlooking and within walking distance of a beautiful swimming lake. A combination of swimming and eating is doable. Lunch at € 18. And then you have three delicious courses. Nice place, nice staff and super tasty food.

Au bord de la source in St. Livrade

It's not cheap, but then you also have something! Luxurious restaurant beautifully situated on the Lot, in the middle of greenery. Open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Menu price is between €29 and €49, depending on your choice for two to five courses. Delicious dishes, all prepared with love and you can see and taste it.

Relais des Bastide in St. Pastour

Simple restaurant with a beautiful view of the hills around. If you are lucky you can eat on the balcony. I had delicious mussels there for €21. And that included a kir, an appetizer with salmon, the mussels and a dessert. Sympathetic tent.

Musée du foie gras in Frespech

A very active museum where a lot is organized during the season. My brother and I were the only visitors out of season. Before or after a visit to the museum you can order an assiette piquenique for €9.90. We sat in a lovely autumn sun enjoying a plate full of duck (foie gras, magret and pâté). Some lettuce and a crusty baguette plus prowling cat made our lunch complete.

Le Splendid in Monclar

Monclar has a real theater and in the summer months the doors were thrown open for lunch. A good plan, because that way I could cross the street, take a seat on the small terrace and have a simple but good lunch for € 13.90 or € 15.90, including dessert. For example, on the plates from the owner's old nightclub in Nice, there is ham that Thierry bought himself in Spain and melon from the farmer nearby. I also ate a very tasty oeuf-en-cocotte. In the beginning there was little audience but the tom-tam worked and it got busier and busier. We hope that this concept will be chosen again next summer.

Mémé Cocotte in Saint-Etienne-de-Fougère

This very hip place for French standards opened its doors on January 1st and we were there! Hip as in different wallpapers, crazy tables and chairs, the soup tureen on the table to serve yourself, crockery gathered together, in short, very cosy. And don't make a fuss about two vegetarian guests, we sometimes experience that differently in France. Mémé Cocotte sits on the corner of an intersection in a tiny town. My neighbor didn't like the location. You cannot park in front of the door. About 50 meters away…. For € 36 a four-course lunch, including apéritif and coffee after, everything fait à la maison. A great address and very close.

Latour Marliac in Le Temple sur Lot

250 species of water lilies can be discovered in these beautiful historic gardens. An oasis of tranquility and beautifully landscaped. Even better: you can also eat there! At lunchtime simple but nice on the terrace on the water with a view of all those water lilies. In July and August it is possible to dine with live music on Sunday evenings. Something to look forward to for next summer.

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